Pohjaranta Dyeing machine was developed together with costume experts of operas and theaters from several countries. It is compact in size, and its dyeing programs and flexible parameters allow the dyeing process to be repeated, giving the user an opportunity for creative and even experimental dyeing of textiles.

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The DM 200 textile dyeing machine can be programmed with five standard programs. A standard program includes water temperature, rotational speed, dyeing time and amount of water. The values of a standard program can be changed before starting or while the machine is running. The dyeing machine can be stopped and restarted in the middle of a program. During the stop, the covers may be opened to check on the progress of the dyeing and the program may then be resumed, if necessary. The dyeing machine allows approximately 12 m2 of cloth to be safely dyed at once. The dyeing machine can also be used for manual dip dyeing.

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